Putting up with this leader.

Monday, there was a celebration around my office…nothing I have done but something I have been blessed to experience.  The celebration, my office administrator Tanya Jones has put up with me for ten years. She is what keeps the worship ministry at ClearView spinning and moving ahead. Without her support I would spend most of my time in drowning in details. With her help I get the time to dream, create and lead this ministry. 

In the ten years Tanya has stayed as my assistant we have witnessed amazing growth at our church and in the ministry. She has also helped me navigate through two building projects.

Not only does she support my work, but through the years Tanya and her husband David (another David link) have become important friends to my wife Melissa and me. 

Tanya…thanks for being a part of ClearView and the worship ministry for the last ten years.

And...there would be a picture of Tanya on this post, but she would have to tell me how to do it and approve the picture.

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