Being a Lifetime Learner

One of the core values that drives the decisions and actions I take in life is “be a lifetime learner.” The older I become the more I realize how little I know and how much more I want to learn. But today I was challenged by the words of my son to take a wider view of “be a lifetime learner.”

Today Spencer and I were on a mission to start gathering effects pedals for his first guitar rig. (I love spending time with him.) During our conversation I asked him if he really likes to play the guitar…of course he said yes. I then did my best to challenge him to practice often because music is something he can enjoy the rest of his life. I then began to be-moan the fact that I couldn’t play the guitar and said I wish I had learned to play when I was younger. He then said: ‘Dad, remember it is never to late to learn something new.’ And he is right…I know he is right…I had just been limiting my concept of what I could learn. So maybe someday I will be playing the guitar beside my son. It would be one of the best days of my life. Thanks Spencer.

Putting up with this leader.

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