Sunday Setlists: March 7, 2010

Sometimesthe most powerful moments in a service are those where we bring the volume level down and simplify the arrangement so that the words become the most important thing. It is in these moments we hear God speaking from the text and not over the volume of sound.


Sunday we spent a significant part of our service concentrating on words.


The Service

Glory to God Forever

               -by Steve Fee

               -this up-tempo song was a great way to enter the worship service, the words are good also. We took time to sing the second verse twice, we wanted them to get the words.


Mighty To Save

               -by Ben Fielding and Rueban Morgan


Spoken Song Introduction

               -the next song was to be a choir feature and its words were to speak of many attributes of God. Earlier in the week I asked one of our vocal team members to introduce the song…wow…she did great. When you give someone a challenge, lay out the expectations, they can really come through. The Holy Spirit really used her to communicate.


You Are

               -by Mark Roach



               -still trying to change culture…breaking down the barriers that some have that keeps them from using the altar for prayer. We have come a long way and our pastor did a great job this morning inviting people to pray and explaining how they could come to the altar…many did.



               -by Ruben Morgan

               -a response to the prayer, great words of comfort and promise



               -a necessary portion of the service, but this Sunday extremely brief. The service was going great, people were connected to God and I did not want anything to break the connection


Speak O Lord

               -by Stuart Townsend and Keith Getty

               -There are those songs that you know will be around for years, this is one of those. Great words that both comfort and challenge. Also a great way to get ready to hear from God’s word


Sermon Intro



               -tough subject today “The Church and Sexual Sin” but God really used our pastor to speak truth. You can find the podcast here.


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