Questions for a New Year

It seems everyone has made resolutions for the new year and often they are forgotten before the second month gets started. What if we just posted a list of questions; questions we asked ourselves often which might help us stay on track instead of making resolutions?

On the last Sunday of 2009 I was visiting a church in my college town the pastor’s (Jim Gibson) sermon that day was a list of questions for the new year.  They are worth repeating.

1.    Do you live to satisfy God or satisfy self?
2.    Is your primary focus in life your time on this earth or living for eternity?
3.    Does your private and public life both convey a consistent love for the Lord and a ‘desire’ to live a ‘separate’ life?
4.    Do you fear God or fear man?
5.    Do you desire power, praise, prestige and pleasure or purity of character?
6.    Do you aggressively seek righteousness or do you think it will come because you attend church or socialize with believers?
7.    Do you pursue the world’s happiness or God’s holiness?
8.    Are you longing for ‘more of God’ or are you satisfied with your relationship with Him?
9.    Are you content with where you are spiritually or do you long to be like Christ?
10.    Does your hunger for righteousness affect every area of your life or just the ‘religious’ part?

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