Sunday Setlists January 24, 2010


It was one of those days I should have stayed in bed…really.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, it was the I was fighting a nasty cold.  I did go on in to work and was so thankful for my team that helped me get through the morning.

The Setlist


  • How Can I Keep From Singing (key of G)
    • As for most new worship songs we lower the key from the original recording to make it more accessible for the congregation to sing.
    • We added a short ending to the song using the words “And crown Him Lord…we crown Him Lord of all.” Keeping the feel of triple meter.  It worked really well and help set up the next song.
  • All Hail the Power of Jesus Name (key of G)
    • On hold of last note of previous song we jumped right into a new tempo and intro to this great hymn
  • Everlasting God (key of G up to Ab)
    • Started chorus on last chord of previous song, with only drums for acc.
    • After one chorus band jumped in on intro with new key


  • Included in the welcome was a explanation of what the was going to be offered during the response time to the sermon. This week the sermon response was calling for a more personal quite time of conversation with God, instead of public response. So instructions were given here as to where the counseling room was located and how you could make a commitment to the church and membership at that space also.

Songs and Scripture

  • None But Jesus (key of D up to Eb)
    • The modulation took place during the last phrase of the bridge leading to the last chorus
  • Scripture
    • Second week of a new sermon series so we took a look at last week’s scripture.
  • Let the Church Rise
    • Our worship choir introduced this song which we will use again during this series.
    • A good song and can easily be sung by a congregation


“This post is my contribution to the blog carnival “Sunday Setlists.” A place where worship ministries from various parts of this and other countries post what took place in their places of worship last Sunday.

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