Sunday Setlists January 17, 2010

Sunday_setlist_2-290x86 This post is a participation in the blog carnival “Sunday Setlists,” a place where worship leaders around the country share what took place in their places of worship.  This post is also a resource for the people of ClearView, a place where they can find links to songs and other items that were used in worship.


God is Great

Sing to the King 

This is one of my favorite songs, I love the second verse that reminds us of our victorious King that will one day welcome us home.



In light of the recent disaster in Haiti we had an extended prayer time for that nation and those people. We have been touched personally by this event as our former student minister’s (Mike Wilson) daughter was in Haiti at the time.  Also, he was in the process of adopting a daughter. Just two weeks ago they had flown to sign the final papers, which were destroyed in the earthquake. The ministry Mike works with and through is Brent Gambrell Ministries.


The Solid Rock To bring new life to this hymn we used an arrangement based on the Charlie Hall arrangement, however we did it much more laid back.  Note: going into the final rehearsal this song was to follow the next song but once we got into the flow I realized it needed to move. It is great to have team members who trust you and go with you on moves like this.

My Hope A new song for us introduced this week by solo and worship choir.

You Never Let Go Great song to end a set based on the sustaining hope we have in Christ.

Sermon Intro

We started a new sermon series this week and one of our members, John Magyar of Silverleaf Entertainment created for us a video intro that will be used throughout this series.


New sermon series: "Dear ClearView," God message to today’s church based on the first three chapters of Revelation.


We continue to evaluate this time in our services. We feel it is important to give people an opportunity to respond to what they have heard from God, through the worship songs and through the spoken Word.  As is the tradition in our denomination we give opportunity for people to come to the front to meet with someone who can pray with them and they can express how they want to respond.  We also communicate that if they would like to meet a counselor in less threatening environment they can do so in a prayer room located in close proximity to the worship center.

There are times when it seems appropriate to invite people to spend time in prayer at the end of a sermon, whether that be at their seats or near the stage. Do any of you find that this type of response effective? If so how do you communicate this to your congregation so that they feel freedom to participate?

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