Christmas: What Should Be Remembered.

Red of the sunrise
Began to decorate Christmas Eve
Taking its place along side
The other reds and greens

Rays of color
Began to warm the air outside
As the roar of the fireplace
Did the same inside

Waiting under the tree
Wrapped with thoughts of love
Sit gifts for the family
An echo of Christ’s love

All gifts whether intentional or not
Are a reflection of the Father’s thought
That gives us a chance to believe
And His One and only Son see

The gift from the Father
Humbly entered this world
Filling that place of hay
With the presence of grace

Tonight we celebrate
The arrival of that gift
And remember the suffering
That allows us to live.

Birth exchanged for death
Life given for all
Death exchanged for life
Whether accepted or not

May this Christmas be remembered
Not by what we give or receive
But by what was given on a cross
To set us free

Waiting to be unwrapped
The gift Jesus Christ
Doesn’t have to be received
On some special day or night

A gift always accessible
Obedient sacrifice
Provision of the Father.
The Son that did rise.

Giving That Is Remembered

Kabul 24, a book review