Giving That Is Remembered

Christmas shipping Gifts exchanged are a part of our Christmas. This year we added another tradition, take some of the money we would use to exchanged gifts and send that money to some great charities.  Here are four non-profits that we choice to support.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Our hearts were touched this year at this non-profits support of a family that we know. To find out more about Ian Miller and his story check out his Caringbridge site.

Compassion International

We have talked about supporting this ministry for quite some time,  but on this Christmas Eve we all sat around the computer screen and got started. It was our choice not to choose a child from the pictures displayed, but allow the ministry to choose. My kids can’t wait to get the information pack in the mail.

Blood Water Mission

The office of this ministry is located in Franklin, Tennessee, our home town. I drive by their office every day, but it wasn’t until a friend, Anne Jackson ( became personally involved that I went searching for more information. After the search we decided to make a contribution. Anne is making a big contribution as she and others will do a cross country bicycle ride the summer of 2010 to bring awareness to this mission.

Operation Smile

I knew nothing of this non-profit until a friend from high school became the Donor Relations. This group travels around the world performing life changing operations on children with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. This link gives a better description of their mission.

It seems that many years all we do is exchange money with family members, we buy them gifts they buy us gifts. But our new tradition will hopefully make a greater impact.

Do you give to charities during the holiday season?

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