Kabul 24, a book review

It doesn’t take long for us to forget the headlines of yesterday. Not to mention headlines from almost ten years ago. Do we remember that just before the tragedy of September 11, 2001 two American ladies working for a non-profit in Afghanistan were kidnapped? Do we remember that they were two of eight other non-Afghan’s and 16 Afghan’s? I didn’t.

The book Kabul 24, a Thomas Nelson pulishing, tells the story of the kidnapping and the imprisonment for over 100 days of the eight. It is not just the telling of the story but how these eight held to their faith in God and the truths they knew from scripture. In multiple passages in the book they detail their confusion and frustration at the circumstances but hope and faith in the God they served. One of the captives wrote:

“God has allowed us to go through this suffering and often we have cried out to Him to make it stop…but things seemed to just get worse.”

Kabul 24 is a great reminder that the life of a Christ-follower can lead into severe circumstances and God promises nothing more. However, as stated often in this book, God does promise to be with His followers in all situations.

Kabul 24 reminded me of the story of the two Americans but showed me for the first time how they were just two of 24. It is a quick read and can easily be started and stopped without losing the story.

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