Questions for Leaders, Great Questions, Too Many to Ask.

Recently I posted a call for help, asking readers to send questions they would like to ask leaders of organizations.  I appreciate all the responses, through this blog, Twitter and Facebook.  Below is the list of questions.  Now the task before me is to edit the list down to a manageable size. The goal is to find the best questions which can easily be used in a 30-60 minute interview.

Once the list of questions is edited then I will use them in conversations with leaders from various for-profit and non-profit organizations. I am looking forward to these times. I will be posting reflections on these interviews.

•    As you look back over your past, what has had the greatest impact on you personally in your growth as a leader or as a person?
•    Who is a leader that you look up to and why?
•    Why do you think you have been placed in this position of leadership?
•    What is the easiest thing about being a leader?
•    What are among the most important decisions a leader makes?
•    How do you guard against inspiration becoming institutional?
•    How do you inspire/encourage creative thinking within your organization?
•    Where do the greatest ideas come from in your organization?
Vision/Core Values, Communication and Culture
•    What is the greatest fear you have for the organization you lead?
•    Which is more important in long term leadership of an organization, Vision or Core Values?
•    How do you communicate values/vision with your employees?
•    Are there specific times you set aside to cast vision?
•    How do you help new employees understand the culture of the organization?
•    What is the most important factor in determining whether to hire someone? (How do you decide who to hire?)
•    How do you ensure your organization is aligned around its vision, values, and goals?
Leadership Characteristics
•    What it the one characteristic that every leader should model? Why?
•    What are characteristics that are essential for leaders?
•    How important are these character traits to you as a leader or for the people you lead: submission, restraint, humility, love, compassion, courage?
•    When faced with two equally good options how do you choose?
•    What is it about your leadership that produces results?
•    What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?
•    What mistakes do you most often see leaders make?
•    In your opinion, what one thing most often derails a leader’s career?
Social Media
•    Social media has invaded our lives. Has it forced changes in how you communicate? 
•    Has social media allowed you to get to know those you lead better?
•    Has social media made it possible for your team to know you better?
Resources for Training
•    What is the best resource for learning leadership skills?
•    What books do you recommend leaders read?
•    What are the three most important things you would tell someone who has just moved into a leadership position for the first time?
•    What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?
Closing Question
•    If you left leadership today would you be satisfied with your accomplishments?

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