Elements of Style

The author Ann Patchett wrote: “The Elements of Style remains an unwavering beacon of light in the grammatically troubled times. I would be lost without it.”

Just recently I was talking to a proficient and popular blogger. During the conversation he mentioned the more blog followers he had the more he was criticized for grammatical and writing style errors. (I know none of my kind readers would ever do this.) To combat this he is making it a habit of reading one section from the classic “Elements of Style” everyday. Now this has become my habit also.

One of my life core values is to be a lifetime learner, so I am always trying to gather knowledge that will help me in leading others, ministry and life. I have a greater appetite for new and deeper things now than I ever did when I was younger. And just think I am not even being given grades to read.

Many of the things in this book I do not remember being taught, so it looks like I will be referencing this book often and probably should have done so before uploading this post.

Questions for Leaders, Great Questions, Too Many to Ask.

Following Christ and our Outward Expressions