Worship, does it matter what other people think?

We have all been there, in a worship service, totally engulfed in the presence of Godwanting to respond and then the thought shoots through our mind: “what will the people around me think?”

This past weekend at ClearView, the worship ministry led a worship service of songs, scriptures and testimonies.  Throughout the congregation and on the stage people were enjoying the presence of God.  I received a message from one person exclaiming how the worship service had brought her face-to-face with God and there were many times she just wanted to stand and lift her hands, however, she was sitting right in the middle of the audience and was worried what others might think.

People express their worship to God in many ways. Those expressions are often filtered through our personalities and our personal church history. They should not be filtered by what we think others may say.

This weekend I was so encouraged by how the worship teams surrendered to God in worship…it was amazing.  They did not care who was beside them, who was watching or what others might think. They only cared about the joy of being surrounded by the very presence of God and becoming involved in the conversation of worship.

For more observations on the ministry of the worship choir and other teams check out this blog post from ClearView's pastor, Mark Marshall

I want to close with these questions:

Does it matter what others think about how we express our worship?

Will there come a time in your life when you approach every opportunity for corporate worship as though you are standing in the very presence of greatness?

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