Lifting Hands In Worship

In a recent worship service, at ClearView Church, one person described ‘lifting our hands’ as an act of surrender. The reference came to the words of the song “When I Don’t Know What to Do,” by Tommy Walker.

When I don’t know what to do

I lift my hands

When I don’t know what to say

I speak His praise

When I don’t know where to go

I run to Your throne

When I don’t what to think

I stand on Your truth.

There are many times that I don’t know what to do. However, I found it best not to run to God’s throne only in crisis. The more often I approach God’s throne in ordinary times, seeking His truth and worshiping Him, the more I am willing to run to Him as the first response in every situation.

Recently I found this quote:

When we lift our hands to the Lord, we’re pledging ourselves to His truth and affirming our loyalty to Him. Liftingthe hand is an ancient gesture of fidelity to a ruler.

My loyalty is to God Almighty; my raised hand is a gesture to communicate that loyalty and testimony that I stand on His truth and power.

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