Not my choice, but my president

I admit that Barack Obama was not my choice and not the one I cast my vote for in the 2008 presidential election.  Since that November day many things have crossed my mind about what an Obama led United States of America may look like.  Today as I witnessed some of the events of the day I have been convicted concerning my sentiments and thoughts and convicted that my role is to pray.  Just recently one of my twitter friends and religious leaders of this country, @maxlucado, put out a call, for all who would, to dedicate today as a day of prayer for our new president.  Over 200,000 people signed this commitment…I was not one…I should have been one. As the events played out on the television today I could not help but stop and begin to pray for our new president. I cannot begin to understand the enormous responsibility that this job brings.


I was reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul that are recorded in the book of Romans chapter 13: ' Everyone must submit to the governing authorities...' I do submit because Barack Obama is our new president. I will support him with my prayers.


My prayer for the new president is:

O God, creator of everything and one who has everything in control, thank you for allowing this great country of America to survive and prosper.  God, let Your presence be real to our new president and may he call on you often for guidance and wisdom.  Surround him with people who follow You and listen to You.  I pray that You would not only guide President Obama as he carries out his duties as president but that you also guide him as he strives to be a husband and father and that in some miraculous way allow him to have quality family time with his wife and children.


Thank You that we live in a country where a transfer of power is accomplished in peace.  Thank you that this is a great country and let us never forget.


There is a story of one event just before the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln; he was sitting in his hotel room going over his speech with his wife.  As that time came to a close he dropped to his knees and begins to pray, overwhelmed at the task before him.  I hope and pray that that scene is carried out often by our new president. 


Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America, my president…I promise to pray for him.

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