Making "Christ the King"

Each Saturday in The Tennessean there is an article writtenby a local pastor sharing some random point of his interpretation of theology. I usually just glance through this commentary however a few Saturdays ago I got past the first paragraph because the subject was very thought provoking.  The guest writer was communication the fact that the next day would be recognized as ‘Christ the King’ Sunday in many churches.  He went on to state that some churches who recognize the liturgical calendar had changed the name so that Christ was not recognized as King, they try to replace the ‘king’ part with another name. 


I agree with the writer ‘King’ is an appropriate title for Jesus Christ.  It notes authority, it shows that the leader serves the needs of His people and it also shows that the servants do all they can to honor the ‘King.’ 


Personally I believe the word ‘King’ also shows for us as believers that Jesus Christ is much more than a Savior, but someone who we can turn to in all situations, everyday.  When I call Him ‘King’ it shows that I am surrendering to His authority, His will. When I call Him ‘King’ I also recognize that I have chosen to be His follower, not just someone He has saved.


I have always served in churches that do not celebrate the liturgical year, other than advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter, however, Christ the King Sunday seems like a great idea, but I want it to be something that I celebrate everyday.

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