Why Twitter?

Social networking is really becoming a part my lifeand ministry: finding old friends, keeping up with new ones, keeping connected with church members and learning about new things and technology.  Right now the two I rely on are Facebook and Twitter.  Almost everyone I talk to understands Facebook however it is not quite the same for Twitter. 

Twitter is a micro-blog tool that allows for you to post current information that is immediately posted to those who follow you.  For me the Twitter posts also show up as status updates at Facebook and they are also posted on my blog. 

 The biggest question I get about Twitter is “why?”  Here is a short list:

Staying connected with people is important, Twitter helps.

    • I get to follow some interesting people:
    • I follow some great leaders who lead me to some great information
    • I follow my leader…I want to know where he is headed
    • I follow some funny people, whose twitters make me laugh
    • I follow some people in other parts of the country who do the same job as me. 
  • Twitter helps others stay involved in my day
    • It has helped when I needed prayer
    • Gives people a glimpse into my life (I’m not just the person on the stage each Sunday)
    • Helps the people I minister with to know me better
  • I follow creative people who help get my creativity flowing
  • I follow some techno ‘nerds’ who are always showing new ways to use technology

Here are a couple of resources Twitter helps:

The Beginners Guide to Twitter,a blog post by Michael Hyatt titled: 

Ten Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners, a TwiTip blog edited by Darren Rowse.

Why Twitter Matters, a Business Week article.

In the future…

  •  I hope to have more worship ministry people connected through Twitter.
  •  I see the possibility of different ministries within the church having Twitter accounts so that information can be communicated quickly.

If you want to follow me go to www.twitter.com; sign up for an account and then search for me @michaelhsmith.  You follow me and I will follow you.

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