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The Bible I amreading for my daily study is iworship Daily Devotional Bible.  Each daily portion of scripture is accompanied by a devotional thought.  On the day following my last post, ‘confession about prayer,’ a portion of my reading was in Matthew chapter 6…I guess God really wants renew my thoughts about prayer. In this chapter we find Jesus’ example prayer and it is very honest and conversational. (I wonder if we have turned this example of spontaneous prayer into words to be used as ritual.) Here is a portion of the devotional thought:

…this conversational approach to prayer, we can’t help but think that this is what Jesus had in mind. In this passage, he makes a case for communication with the Father that is honest and spontaneous, not rote and ritualistic.

How would Jesus evaluate your prayers? Do they tend to follow a formula? Because of the fast pace at which life is lived, that’s an easy pattern to fall into. Today, refresh your prayer life! …tell God even all the small matters that are weighing on your heart. Talk to God as if he is sitting right beside you.

Here are some things I am doing to revive my prayer life

There is an intentional, planned time

I find a quite place…in good weather it is outside

I make a list of things I want to say

I talk to God as if He was sitting right next to me…it is a conversation.

Sometimes I don’t say anything…just sit in His presence and listen.

Throughout the day, after my planned time, I keep the conversation going.

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