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I have to admitspending time in prayer does not come easy for me.  Over the last few years I have made great progress in spending time in God’s Word, but when it comes to dedicated time for prayer, I have been lax. Over the last few weeks I have really felt God dealing with me about ‘prayer.’ With his help I have been able to spend a greater amount of time talking to Him and doing so has made me more aware of His presence throughout the day.

While on vacation I read the book Red Moon Rising which is an account of a prayer movement that started in the UK and continues today throughout the world.  The majority of the people involved in this movement are persons in their 20’s.  Early in the book the author writes these words:

Prayer isn’t easy. Even Jesus’ first disciples had to ask Him for help and in response He said that we should start by calling God Father. That’s the key to prayer.

Jesus introduced a new depth of understanding about God the Father. Before Jesus, the Bible has just forty references to God as Father; but the New Testament has more that 260! And Jesus wasn’t just pointing people to a distant, Freudian father figure in the sky; He dared to call God Abba (Mark 14:36), a word used by any normal kid at the time to express love for their Dad. The single key that explains everything Jesus did was the intimate relationship He shared with His Father.  In prayer each day, He learned to listen to God, and then He lived His whole life simply speaking His Father’s words and doing His works. (John 5:19) *Red Moon Rising p. 71

My dedicated time with God each morning is a conversation with my Father.  I listen to His voice as I read His Word and I talk to Him just as though He were sitting beside me…because He is that close.  And again I will say, the more dedicated time I spend with Him the more I sense His presence throughout the day.

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