"Le Tour"

I have to admit I amaddicted to one TV show during the month of July “Le Tour” on Versus. 

  • I am hooked on following the teams and this year there are two teams from America: Columbia and Garmin/Chipolte.
  • I am hooked on seeing who will take the chance and try to get way ahead and then wait and see if the peleton will catch them. 
  • I am even hooked at following individuals heart rates as they speed down a flat road or climb a hill with 5-12% grade.

Yesterday was a short ride, but brutal, a time trial of 18.3 miles.  The winning time was just around 35 minutes.  At some points of yesterday’s stage they were going over 45 mph on a flat road. Today is a 144 mile ride and the average speed will be 25-30 mph. If you are interested in checking out some of this you can do so at the website for “Le Tour.”

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