It was excellent in every way

What a glorious Spring day this has been! It might have started out a little cool butyou really couldn’t have asked for better weather once the sun warmed things up. Today I got to spend a lot of my time outside. It started early as my wife and my son joined me at the Run4Kids at the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home Brentwood campus. There was a great turn out of support for this ministry and there were many from ClearView. As many of you know there is a competition between local churches for the number of people from each participating. Unfortunately ClearView came in third. Congratulations Forrest Hills Baptist, first place in the church competition and The Peoples Church second place. Maybe next year ClearView can return to its former glory and recapture first place.

I surprised myself this morning by finishing the 5k run in 25 minutes and 51 seconds. I was about to be excited until I was put in my place by a middle school student from ClearView who asked me my time and then proceeded to let me know with a big smile on her face that her time was just a little over 23 minutes…way to go Elizabeth.

Once I got home I got to spend a big portion of the late morning and afternoon in my yard. Have I mentioned before how I enjoy taking care of my yard? This Spring has been particularly enjoyable as we have received plenty of rain and it has encouraged everything to come alive with vibrant color.

It wasn’t just me enjoying the beautiful weather. After the yard work I took a few moments just to sit and enjoy the day. I looked up in the sky and saw birds flying high, just soaring. It seemed to me that there was really no real reason for them flying so high other than enjoying the day.

I hope you got to enjoy the day. It is still not too late, the evening should be great. Tomorrow will be great also because we all have the opportunity to come together, in community to worship our great God.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Then He looked over all He had made and He saw that it was excellent in every way. Genesis   1:1, 31

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