Preparing for Worship: Listen

This coming Sunday I am introducing a new worship song to our ClearView family. The song is “Speak To Me ,” written by Tommy Walker. The reason I am introducing the song is two fold: one, it spoke to me. As I listened, and I have done so many times over the last few week I was reminded how important it is to stop and listen for God. And the second reason is: one of our core values at ClearView is the importance of God’s Word Putting this song in the service will emphasize the importance of the Word and it will also give us the opportunity to stop and listen to God’s Word. If you get a chance go to I-tunes or another source and listen to our purchase this song and get a start on worship this Sunday.

As a close to today’s blog I am posting a portion of Psalm 19 that speaks to the importance, value and treasure found in God’s Word.

Psalm 19:7-11 The instruction of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; The testimony of the Lord is trustworthy, making the inexperienced wise. The precepts of the Lord are right, making the heart glad; The commandment of the Lord is radiant, making the eyes light up. The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever; The ordinances of the Lord are reliable and altogether righteous. They are more desirable than gold – than an abundance of pure gold; And sweeter than honey – than honey dripping from the comb. In addition, Your servant is warned by them; There is great reward in keeping them.

Why Blog?

It was excellent in every way