Open Heart, Open Door and Open Mouth

There are some core values that drive my life. One of those core values is to respect andhonor the body that God placed my spirit in. I try to do this by exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy. For me exercising on a regular basis means five or six days a week and what I do on each day varies from various kinds of cardio exercise to resistance training in a local gym.

On the days that I go to the gym I cut out the gym noise by listening to my Ipod and usually I don’t listen to music put rather podcasts of either David Platt or James McDonald. Today I listened to James McDonald and the sermon was based on Acts chapter 14. The basic thought for the day was being evangelistic, living a life that is ready to share Jesus Christ with others.  It wasn’t about letting your life be the only witness but rather being willing to speak openly about Christ and also being willing to ask God to give you opportunities. The three points of the sermon were a prayer: God give the people around us open hearts that are ready to receive the witness; God open doors for us so that we will have the opportunity to share and God open my mouth, give me the courage to speak for You.

As I listened to the podcast I begin to picture the people that live around me and others that I regularly come in contact with. How much more time do we really have to share our faith? How many more opportunities will we have before it is too late?

God open their hearts; open their doors and open my mouth.

It was excellent in every way

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