All About Your Glory

How hard are these words to sing?

Make me an instrument
Make me a song ofpraise
Make me a shining light
That radiates Your ways

So far not so bad.
How about?

Make me Your masterpiece
Lord put me on display

Okay those are much more difficult to sing, and those words are a part of the song that has been repeating over and over again in my head since last Wednesday. The words come from the song “All About Your Glory” written by Tommy Walker. (See Linda, the song Your Name did not get stuck in my head.)

I love the song and it is fun to sing and a great prayer to pray. The first line states: I wanna make my life all about Your honor. Yes, that’s my prayer. When you get to the bridge of the song, however you find the words that I printed above, and when I get to the line, ‘Lord put me on display,’ I almost come to a complete stop. Sure I want to be His masterpiece, but to be put on display. What a privilege, what a responsibility and what a humbling thought. But I know my imperfections so how can I be an example for the world to see? The answer comes in the words that follow ‘put me on display’ and they are: ‘that I may ever be, a picture of Your grace.’ It is only by His grace that I become worthy to stand as a representative of God.

O God only by Your grace do I know forgiveness. Thank You for sending grace, not just on the day I received you as savior, but that You send grace daily. Now by Your power and with Your wisdom lead me to be ‘all about your glory.”

Open Heart, Open Door and Open Mouth

Keep looking….