Monday Musings

The ClearView staff is headed out of town for a retreat, and where we are headed I don't think there will computer access.  So this could be the last post until Wednesday. Here are a couple Monday musings:1. All of my teams are out of the NCAA Tournament. What happened to North Carolina on Saturday? 2. I now only have four days left of vocal silence. I head back to the doctor on Thursday morning. 3. I visited a church just down the road from ClearView yesterday, Cumberland.  It is good to see God working in other places. 4. Great weather much so that my bike was calling. It was a great afternoon for a fourteen mile ride. 5. Again I realized how blessed I was to have great people to minister with.  Thank you Terry, Ed and Tiffany for helping to lead yesterday. Off to staff retreat...

Staff Retreat 2008 is over but not finished

I Was Surprised