Staff Retreat 2008 is over but not finished

We are all back in the office from staff retreat. The meetings are over, but it is far from finished. You see if what we talked about is finished, then there was no reason for a retreat. ClearView is rolling along smoothly, things are going well so don’t get to excited, major changes are not around the corner. What we realized is that ClearView is headed in a good direction but there are some initiatives that need to be addressed. Mark Marshall will be posting these initiatives in the next day or so on his blog. He will do a much better articulating than I can. His blog address is Part of our retreat was taking a look at Numbers Chapter 20. We did this by listening to a sermon (Sin In The Camp Part 3) presented by David Platt, pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama. (He is one of the guys I pod-cast weekly.) There were four essential points to the sermon, which I will not list here. But I do want to list four prayers that he asked all church members to pray for their leaders and the church leaders to pray for each other. Here are the four prayers:

Pray for love in your leaders

Pray for humility in your leaders

Pray for obedience in your leaders

Pray for holiness in your leaders

I want you to know that is how the ClearView staff is going to pray for the its leaders. We also ask that you pray those prayers over us. When this happens Staff Retreat 2008 will never be finished, but we will witness a church, ClearView, that continues to be transformed by God’s and His Word.

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