I Was Surprised

Tonight people I love, care about, minister to and with, surprised me. They threw, really produced, a party celebrating my ten years of ministry at ClearView. I was reminded what a great group of people I get to serve with and how talented they are. The video: whoever has all those pictures, please return them; they do not need to be made public. The song: there was way too much fun going on with those words and now that I know the choir can sway look for it to be added to a service soon. The plaque: will be put in a place of prominence in my office. The prayer: I do feel the prayers that are lifted on my behalf and have felt them for these ten years. A special thanks for inviting and involving my family; what a great surprise it was to walk in and see my parents and my children. The frustrating part of tonight is I could not talk and therefore express how much I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the evening. Hopefully I will be able to talk soon and I will express my sentiments verbally. Remember however that tonight is over so 51% comes back to my side.

Monday Musings

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