Sping at last...

Spring at last…Spring at last…thank God Almighty…Spring at last.

I know I am pushing it, but Spring is in the air. I confess I am not a winter person. I will take hot weather any day over cold. I also know that any day now we will have cold weather again, but the last two days have been wonderful. Gone are the heavy coats, maybe temporarily, but gone for now.

Spring brings with it the return of some of my favorite things…one of which I got to do yesterday…mow my yard. So is that hard to believe?  I love being outside in my yard. There is something relaxing and refreshing about the smell of freshly cut blades of grass. Also it is difficult to answer email or answer a cell phone while the lawn mower is running.

I sit now looking out to my back yard, which is Bermuda grass and is still dormant. The other things I see however signal the change of the season: buds blooming on the maple trees, burning bushes, and cork-screw willow and Iris are pushing new growth up beyond the death of last Fall. All of this a signal that Spring is in the air. My list of outside things to do is growing and I can’t wait to get out and mow my yard again…and no I only want to mow my yard not yours.


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