This world needs...

My homepage is set to Here are just some of theheadlines from the last few days:

“Man Pleads Guilty to Filming Sex with Underage Girls”

“Mom Throws 2 Kids From Overpass then Jumps”

“New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer to Resign Over Involvement In Prostitution Ring”

“Gang Member Charged In High School Football Stars Death.”

“Woman Kills Hubby Who Turned Off Her Springsteen”

This world needs a Savior…the good news is there is one…whom I know and many of you know. Now what are we doing to get the word out?

Easter is just a few days away…if you know the One I am talking about…begin now to celebrate and pray for opportunities to share the story. One simple thing you can do is invite someone to join you in church this Easter.

Sping at last...

Easter is early