Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Every Thursday for over two years the same person had made breakfast for the Breakfast Club Run. But tomorrow will be the last time.

We will be saying goodbye to Alyssa as she is leaving Bruegger’s. We are sad to see her leave but after hearing where she is going we are excited for her.

But before we can have the celebration we need to run five miles.

The route this week is long and straight and titled Lots of Straight. Remember we leave Fleet Feet at 5:30 AM. The route is 5 miles and can be shortened if needed.

Everyone is welcome to join us. If you are worried about having someone to run with you have two options.

  1. bring a friend that runs your pace

  2. on your first week you will not be left alone.

Here is the turn-by-turn

Lots of Straight

L - Carl T Jones

L - Garth

L - 4 Mile Post

R - Hickory Hill

L - Sherwood

R - Attwood

L - Mira Vista

L - Jacqueline

R - Statton

L - Olivia

L  - Attwood

R - Sherwood

R - Greenway

R - Carl T Jones

R - parking lot



S Marks the Miles

S Marks the Miles