Just for fun

Just for fun

If you were to compile a list of reasons to run, it might include

healthy lifestyle

lose weight

meet new people

share time with friends

accomplish a goal

Running can be all those things and you probably have a few other reasons you could list.

But, how about?

just for fun

The first few times you set out to run...it is not fun.  It hurts and you think you are never going to get through the first mile. But then somewhere during a run, or at the end of a few weeks of running you realize that didn't hurt, that was fun.

There are still times when running is not fun, when you push hard during a training session or a race. But it doesn't take long for that feeling to go away and you are ready to log the next set of miles.

Just for fun and running do go together.

One place I run, just for fun, is the Breakfast Club Run, Thursday mornings at 5:30 AM.  We start from Fleet Feet. AS I type this that run is 12 hours away and it will be fun.

Here is the route we are going to run tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.50.39 PM.png

The Fun Run Course

  • L - Carl T Jones
  • L - Wainwright
  • R - LIttlebury
  • R - Macon
  • L - Tannahill
  • L - Criner
  • continue straight to Dewitt
  • L - Garth
  • REPEAT all these steps
  • R - Carl T Jones
  • R - into parking lot




Runners will say anything

Runners will say anything

Braved, Endured or Welcomed

Braved, Endured or Welcomed