It's Hot Out There

It's Hot Out There

The season has definitely changed. The calendar flipped from Spring to Summer and we no longer experience early morning temperatures in the 40 and 50s and not even the 60s.  

When we started the Breakfast Club Run last Thursday morning at 5:30 am the temperature was 74 and the humidity was just about the same.

I have found that as the temperature rises I have to lower my expectations in my training runs and races. Instead of looking at the pace screen on my Garmin to determine how to run I have to listen to my body and what it is telling me about the effort I am exerting. 

In the summer

  • that easy 9:30 training pace may now be 10:00 or 10:15.  Same effort different pace.
  • the 10-mile race run in March at a 7:50 pace may be an 8:30 pace in June.

I am not an expert on the physical changes during summer running. I just know I can't run as fast.

Here are two good articles on training in the heat.

This week we officially flip to summer and even though the Breakfast Club Run starts at 5:30 am it is still going to be hot. That's not a reason to skip a run, but it is a reason to adjust running paces based on preceived effort.

Here is the route for this week, June 22, 2017.

5 from Fleet Feet "A Big L"

  • Out Parking Lot to Carl T Jones
  • L Carl T Jones
  • L Greenway
  • R Four Mile Post
  • L Hickory Hill
  • L Lily Flag
  • L Haven Street
  • L Mira Vista
  • R Greenway
  • R Four Mile Post
  • L into parking lot toward Hobby Lobby
Lace Up Your Shoes and Get Out There.

Lace Up Your Shoes and Get Out There.

What Are Your Plans for Thursday?

What Are Your Plans for Thursday?