Fleet Feet Huntsville...Thank You

Fleet Feet Huntsville...Thank You

Dropping a few hints to a Fleet Feet Huntsville employee was all it took for them to jump all in. Just a few weeks later we had our first Breakfast Club Run.

I had moved from the Williamson County area of Tennessee just a few months before and one of the things I missed most was my running group, especially the Brentwood Breakfast Club.

This month we are completing one year of Breakfast Club Runs.  What started as a limited group of Wednesday morning runs last summer has evolved into a regular Thursday morning running group.

I am thankful for Fleet Feet Huntsville and their support of the running community. 

Here is the route for Thursday, May 18, 2017.

L - Carl T Jones

L - onto greenway

R - Sherwood

R - Cadillac

L - Cole

R - Martha

cross 4-Mile post onto Jones Valley Drive, here comes the hill

R - Corlette Drive

L - Criner

R - Tannahill Drive

R - Macon Dr.

L - Littlebury

L - Wainwright

R - Carl T Jones

R - into parking lot to FFHSV

And here is the group that ran the hill.





No Two Runs the Same

No Two Runs the Same

No One Showered

No One Showered