No One Showered

No One Showered

It's not often you enjoy meeting people who haven't showered and have barely combed their hair. But it happens every Thursday morning and no one cares.

We are not there for looks but to run a few miles.  

I will say that you can definitely tell who is a morning person and who is not. 

This week (May 10, 2017) the route is what I call "Blevins Gap Backwards," and it is just a little over 5 miles.  Below is a picture of the route and the turn by turn directions. (Note there will also be a 3-mile option.) 

The Breakfast Club Run is for any runner of any pace.  We run the miles and then head over to Brueggers for breakfast.  

We meet at the Fleet Feet store and the run starts 5:30 am.

Set your clock and come run with us, no shower needed.

Blevins Gap Backwards

  • R out by Hobby Lobby
  • R Four Mile Post
  • L Greenway
  • L Mira Vista
  • R Haven (For 3 go straight)
  • L Willowbrook
  • L Double Tree
  • L Blevins Gap
  • R Bailey Cove
  • L Four Mile Post
  • First R into parking lot
Fleet Feet Huntsville...Thank You

Fleet Feet Huntsville...Thank You

5:30am Isn't That Early

5:30am Isn't That Early