Taking the First Steps

The commitment has been made

  • The hotel has been reserved.
  • The airline tickets purchased.
  • And registration for the race secured…
  • ...now it begins.

About eighteen months ago I signed up to run a half-marathon thinking I would do it and check it off my bucket list. Instead I caught the bug.  That first half-marathon turned into three more in twelve months and before finishing the fourth one I had signed up for a full marathon. I never thought this would happen.

Yesterday was the first day of training; 4.75 miles in the books and only 620 more until the start line for the Chicago Marathon on October 13.

I am a little nervous about all the training miles but am less so because I trust in

  • my coach (leader)
  • the plan
  • and the team.

Isn't that the way it should be for any endeavor at work, at home or a personal goal?

  • secure a good leader
  • make a good plan
  • gather the right resources and then…execute.

Now in my marathon training it is all rides on the execution of the plan.

Making it to the end of any project can't happen until you take the first step. Today I took mine although there was more than one (estimated 7140 (42 minutes x 170 steps per minute)).

Have you ever run a marathon? I would love to read your story or suggestions on running your first marathon.

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