Alone With God

Alone With God

Hands on Bible
Hands on Bible


Many mornings during the week I call my mom. I enjoy hearing her voice. I enjoy finding out what she is doing and she is always wanting to know what is going on in my life. There are mornings that our conversations are short and to the point. Other mornings our words seem to flow endlessly, just enjoying the time of conversation. And still other times they are business-like as we go over details about our lives and how those details affect our relationship now and in the future. Because I talk to her often, its easy to talk to her. Its easy to get the conversation started.

There are other family members that I talk to less often. I still care for them we just don’t have a routine about talking. Our lives are busy and we just don’t seem to connect through conversation. In those times when we have talked often I know more about them. Admittedly our relationship would be stronger if we talked more often.

I love God and am grateful that He pursued a relationship with me, not just as Creator but as Savior. I know that there is nothing that can separate me from His love (Romans 8:35-39). Yet if I am not careful my relationship with God could easily slip into the ‘other family member’ category, talking occasionally and having a distant relationship.

The phone calls to my mom are intentional…

My ‘alone with God’ time is also intentional…

Some days I deep into His Word, digging deep into a specific passage, looking for His revelation of who He is and what He has and will do.

Some days I sit quietly remembering and listing the blessings He has given me.

Some days when words don’t seem to flow I open up the Bible and read prayers of the psalmist, letting them speak to me and for me.

Some days I take my journal and begin to write out what is overflowing from my heart, whether that is adoration, praise, petition or confession.

Just as the conversations with my mom changes from day to day so do my conversations with God. The most important thing is that we engage in a conversation. One where there is active listening and talking on my part.

I have found that I am better at being the person God wants me to be when my days start ‘alone with God.’

And I can say for certain that starting the day ‘alone with God’ becomes a catalyst for an awareness of God’s presence throughout the day and a continuing conversation. It’s like I get tuned into His ‘channel’ early and I stay locked in.

Do you have a set time to be ‘alone with God?’

Do you have routine you use when you are ‘alone with God?’

If you answered yes to these questions, that’s great.

If you couldn’t answer yes let me encourage you to find a way to be intentional about being ‘alone with God.’

But remember its not about a rigid schedule but about a relationship…just talk to Him and let Him talk to you.

Here’s an idea of how to use Psalm 19 to have some time                 ‘alone with God.’

Find your favorite bible and a quiet place and look up Psalm 19.

Pray: God use Your Word to show me more about You and to reveal things about me that I need to change.

Read: Psalm 19:1-4

Pray: God, I recognize You as creator of all things. When I see Your handy work I am amazed at Your power. As I spend time with You this morning I want to join with creation in proclaiming how great You are.

Quite reflection: take a few moments to praise God for His creation.

Read: Psalm 19:5-6

Pray: God, You have set all things in order, from the way the sun rises and sets within the day to the way my life connects with creation. Thank You for being God Almighty, ruler of everything.

Quiet reflection: take a few moments to thank God for the His provision and faithfulness.

Read: Psalm 19:7-11

Pray: God, I thank You for speaking to us and revealing who You are through Your Word. My pray is that Your Word comes alive to me everyday. Give me understanding of what is included in Your Word and through Your grace show me how to follow Your instructions.

Quiet reflection: take a few moments to recall your favorite scriptures and let God speak to you as His Word comes to the forefront of your mind.

Read: Psalm 19:12-13

Pray: God, You sent Jesus Christ to be the sacrifice for the sins of man. We have heard the story from Your Word but more importantly we know the reality of forgiveness and salvation. Thank You for this great sacrifice and may I never take this great gift of love and grace for granted.

Quiet reflection: read once again Psalm 19:12-13. Take a few moments to humbly confess areas in your life that may go against God’s plan. Once you have spoken to God in confession know that He hears and gives assurance of pardon.

Read: Psalm 19:14

Pray: God, I am about to enter into a day that will be filled with activities, give me wisdom and strength to recognize You are with me.

Quiet Reflection: think about how you are going to put into action Psalm 19:14 as you go about your day.

Conclusion: Go into the rest of the day with God’s Word on Your heart remembering: “this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

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