The Church In Worship

The Church In Worship

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This weekend will be our third in the first sermon series of 2014, “Love My Church.” Here is a short introduction about the series from our pastor: 

What does it mean to love your church? If understood correctly, the church is not the property or buildings in which we meet. The church is the people committed to Christ, to one another, and to seeing their community and the world changed by the gospel. Church is not a duty or something simply to be tolerated. Church is not a box to be checked on a to-do list. She is to be loved. But how do you love Her?

This Sunday’s topic is: Protect Her.

When the church comes together each weekend, we do so:

  • to make much of Jesus,
  • to learn more about our God
  • to encourage each other and
  • to glorify God.

We encourage each other and glorify God when we actively participate in all that goes on in the service. One way we do this is by lifting our voice in song…the largest choir in the room is the congregation. In our services this weekend we will use some powerful songs based on scripture that remind us that Christ is the foundation of the church.

Each week the choir, band and worship team spends time preparing songs to use in worship. There are a few ways you can prepare also:

  • pray for the worship teams
  • pray for our pastor
  • pray that you will come prepared to hear from God

Here’s one more way you can prepare…take a listen to these songs that will be used in the services tomorrow and come into the worship center ready to sing.

Light Shine In Hosanna (Praise is Rising) Cornerstone Not For A Moment All To Us

Prayers Before Attending

Prayers Before Attending

Two Goals, One Finish