Two Goals, One Finish

I started the training for two goals about the same time: studying for a certification and training for a marathon. For each goal I invested hours. Let me repeat that, for each goal I invested hours of work. I ran the marathon. I have not taken the test for the certification.

Question: Why did I do all the work in both areas and can only say ‘done’ on one of them?

Answer: There was a definite finish line established and the commitment of time was tied to that goal.

I begin to think about running a marathon in January of this year. The first commitment I made was securing a hotel, the second commitment was laying out money for registration. The date was set, now all I had to do was run the training miles and finish with the race.

The certification training started before the marathon and I put in more hours on this goal, but I never made the commitment of money or set a completion date. Now as time has passed I would have to start the training from the beginning.

These were two big projects but the principle of establishing a completion date works on even the smallest home or work task.

At the office I am more successful when I set up a project this way: 1) what needs to be accomplished and 2) when does it need to be done.

I wish I had done that with the certification process. If I had I wouldn’t have to start over again.

How do you set goals to determine that they will be met?

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