NCIS part 2

Bigstock Launched colorful powder isol 48020657 This is a second post in the series: NCIS…New Choir In Session.

After a summer break of six weeks it is time to 'relaunch' our worship choir. In last week's post I shared how we are trying to change the culture of the choir by defining its mission, vision and core values.
With the help of some great team members we are now ready to 'relaunch' and we are doing so by having a 'worship choir season preview.'
Here are our specific goals for the 'season preview.' 
  • provide a time for fellowship around our common interest…worship choir
  • gather the choir members who have been scattered for the summer
  • encourage new people to attend the event and try it out
  • communicate mission and vision to all those who attend
  • challenge those in attendance with the thought "everyone is called to ministry, some are called to the choir"
In preparation for this event a leadership team has been meeting throughout the summer to dream, pray and plan for the event and the upcoming ministry season.
  • met often
  • developed a plan for the "season preview" evening
  • took it upon themselves to personally contact and invite all choir members for the last few ministry seasons
Here is the schedule for our 'season preview:'
  • 6:00 pm Country Dinner
  • 6:30 pm Welcome
  • 6:35 pm Get acquainted activity based on the NCIS theme
  • 6:50 pm What is the Mission of the Choir?
  • 7:00 pm A Brief Rehearsal
  • 7:25 pm Dessert and more fellowship time
I am thankful for a team that believes in and cares about the ministry of the worship choir. Due to their excitement, commitment and time of prayer about this ministry we will have a great ministry season.
If you are in the Franklin Tennessee area come and be a part of this NCIS event. No RSVP required.

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