They Wouldn't Stay Seated

Sunday setlist 2 290x86 It wasn't out of some sense of routine or instruction from the stage they stood. You could clearly see it on their faces that they were in awe of God's presence and needed some way to express their enthusiasm so they stood. 

How often I have put a worship outline to paper and looked back and thought: "I need a find a place for the people to sit down for a few minutes."
During the service today we came across one of those 'sit' places, but even my instructions could not keep them seated. The people were have a great conversation with God and when we got to the lyrics:

lifted up was He to die

"it is finished!" was His cry

now in heaven, exalted high

hallelujah what a Savior
They stood.
I am not saying that 'standing' is a requirement for worship, but there are times when standing is a proper action.
Here is today's worship set:
Songs for Worship
Our God
Your Name
Communion Worship
Scripture: Isaiah 53
Hallelujah What A Savior
Christ Is Risen
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