Meeting a Goal with a Team

successful goalI did it... I ran my first half-marathon. It wasn't too long ago that I hated running. I have always enjoyed exercise and have completed quite a few long bike rides. But running long distances...never. Shorter distances, maybe...but a half-marathon...never.

But I did it...

The motivation to sign up was nothing special, just became something I wanted to try. During the process I learned a lot about running long distances and my thoughts on setting goals were reinforced.

Training for distance race

  • set a goal
  • set a deadline
  • communicated the goal with others
  • doing the training with a team held me accountable and was fun
  • met new friends along the way
  • when I fell behind in the training the team was there to encourage me
  • the coach encouraged and chastised. Gave us a plan, and was there to hold us back when we got too far ahead
  • celebrated meeting the goal
  • evaluate what could have been done better

I find the same list will work when my work team sets out to accomplish a new task or goal.

  • set a specific goal (that supports our organization's purpose)
  • set a specific deadline for when the goal has to be accomplished
  • communicate the goal to the whole team even if they are not involved in the process
  • accountability to the goal is accomplished through communication of the goal and deadline
  • along the way you can discover team members skills you didn't know they had
  • hold the team accountable to the set schedule
  • if a member or process lags behind the schedule, be willing to encourage better progress, or even help with a task
  • as a team celebrate the accomplishment of the task
  • take time to evaluate the process and finished product

I am now training for my next long run and I am doing it with a team because I know the process and I know it is easier with the team.

Do you find meeting goals is easier when you work on them with a team?

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