Using Nozbe to Track Budgets

nozbeMy staff and I are great fans of Nozbe, a work flow management application based on the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) system created by David Allan. Implementing this system and application has helped us stay on task, communicate effectively concerning projects and keep us accountable to ourselves and each other. One significant way we have incorporated this system into our day-to-day operations is by using it to manage our yearly budget. Here's how:

  • set up a 'project' for each budget quarter
  • share the project with all members of the team
  • place quarterly expenditures in the appropriate budget as action items
  • give completion dates to all items
  • assign each budget action item to the staff member who is responsible for the expenditure
  • connect through 'context' all staff members that the items affect

Using Nozbe in this way has helped us keep the budget in front of all team members. The review of the Nozbe budget items became a catalyst for conversation and stewardship.

Do you use or has your team adopted the GTD methods?

Do you or your team use Nozbe?


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