Music To Get The Season Started

Next week... Thursday...Thanksgiving or recovering from the Thanksgiving meal...but also

Sometime next week many people begin to turn their thoughts toward Christmas; the decorations come out of storage and begin to take their place in the home. The Christmas music finds its way from the back of the CD rack or forgotten play list to the continuous shuffle or repeat section. Many of us we have our favorite Christmas recordings to listen to. This year I will be adding another recording to the rotation because it is a new project from a talented arranger and piano player and my friend Jonathon Willis (@JWPianoMan). I have been privileged to know Jonathon for more than 15 years and have been able to witness his talent through his production and arranging skills and his live playing. Also during these years I have been able to see his heart and passion for God and his desire to be a true Christ-follower.

Jonathon's new recording is titled "This Christmas Night" and includes some of the standard Christmas melodies. You can find a preview of the new project on his website and also links to how you can purchase a copy.

Next week most of the Christmas music comes out of hiding...think about adding a new project to your playlist.


A few months ago Jonathon was a guest writer on this blog. Take a look at his thoughts on "Perfection vs. Excellence."

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