The "YOU" of Worship

Go back over the songs you sang in worship last week, how many only used personal pronouns to address God? If there are only personal pronouns we could sing the song to anyone.

The subject of how we address God in our songs has been on my mind the last few days. So much so that I have looked back over our worship songs and realized many of them never give God a name other than an I or You.

Granted some of these songs are some of the best received and help us make our worship personal but...

What if a guest came into our places of worship and throughout the song portion of our services we never called God by name? Would the guest know who we are singing to?

Here are some conclusions I have made about songs that only use personal pronouns.

  • Songs that only use personal pronouns can be effective but should be introduced with a scripture or spoken introduction that brings attention to whom the pronoun is addressing.
  • Interjecting or inserting scripture between stanzas of songs is also a great way to point attention to the one we are singing.

In all situations our worship teams need to evaluate all the words all songs used in worship, including how God is addressed. No matter how popular a song is in the community or around the world it deserves no place in worship unless it is theologically sound.

The You and He of our worship is Jesus Christ.

How would you introduce a song that only addressed God, Christ or the Holy Spirit as a personal pronoun?

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