Be Accountable to Someone

Be Accountable to Someone



"If friends were not waiting I would not be up this early to run."

That was my tweet early last Thursday. Wednesday had been a long day and Thursday was a morning I could have slept in, but I didn't because I knew a group, my friends, would be waiting for me...and anyway it was only going to be five miles.

A few hours after the run and the tweet posted I got this reply tweet from @burkedaniel

"Great analogy to the power of fellowship & accountability..."

It wasn't the short run that motivated me nor was it the thought of how great I would feel after accomplishing the run. No, it was because the group was waiting.

This reminded me of how much better I am when I have communicated my intentions to a group. It's this communication that helps me formalize my thoughts, goals and holds me accountable to them.

On the road:

  • when my running group is waiting I get there
  • if I can't make it I let them know
  • because we have communicated a goal we know where we are going
  • because I am running toward a goal with a team it seems like less work
  • because we finish together we get to celebrate together

At my job:

  • I get more accomplished and more efficiently when I let my peers and boss in on my plans
  • my staff is more productive, efficient and works better as a cohesive team when we talk about individual goals.
  • sharing goals give opportunity for input, creativity, and clarity
  • knowing and supporting each other's goals also gives opportunity for fellowship and celebration

Communicating a goal with a team is a great way to get buy-in and accountability and motivation for me.

Are you willing to share your goals with a team?

Does team accountability help you focus on your goals?

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