Church Seeking A Worship Leader?

First Church is looking for a passionate Worship Leader who is proficient both vocally and on the guitar, as well as in writing and composing original worship music. I read that statement from a job posting on a successful church staffing web-site. (Okay it wasn't First Church. I made that up but I thought it better not to name the congregation.)

I know that is only a tease to get the applications flowing but where are the statements that say

  • a dedicated Christ Follower
  • committed to bible study
  • a great understanding of the biblical principles of worship
  • willing and capable of building teams and worship leaders

When did it become the norm or a qualification that worship leader write original worship music? How about this? First Church is seeking a worship leader who has:

  • deep understanding of God's story, the gospel, and uses that knowledge to choose appropriate Christ-centered worship music for the congregation.
  • uses musical knowledge to choose worship music that is both singable and encourages participation
  • encourages and facilitates the birth of worship music from the local congregation.

When did we get to the place that the worship leader must play guitar? (The same people making that statement often look down on the congregation that says the worship pastor must be a gifted organist.)

How about?

  • The worship pastor is responsible for cultivating the musical talents of the church by mentoring people in both musical skills that facilitate and encourage passionate worship.

I have been involved in leading worship ministries long enough to be considered old. I have witnessed wonderful changes in worship services including the swing to more contemporary instrumentation and a swing back to more congregation participation.  I have been fortunate to serve in churches that allow changes to occur. I have been blessed that God has allowed me to help facilitate change; but...I am concerned if change now means we can only have worship leaders who play guitar and write their own songs.

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