Invest in People for God's Glory

It seems we are always looking for talented gifted people to fill spots on our teams. However, it is really not just about filling an empty spot but about finding a person who is willing to use what they have to bring glory to God.

It takes an investment in people to make that happen in a worship ministry. (It takes an investment in people to make this happen in any organization that wants to be God-honoring.) I should say it takes an investment in people to make this happen well.

When I was young and just starting to learn to play a trumpet I was invited by my local church to play in church. I'm sure I did not do it 'well', but the kind people of the church were making an investment in me. They were giving me the opportunity to use what I was learning to bring glory to God.

I believe that the role of the worship leader or worship ministry is more than producing (planning, rehearsing and leading) worship services. There is something much deeper implied and that is to invest in the talents God has placed in our congregations. We take that very seriously at ClearView. That is why we still have a children's choir program, why we started student worship bands, both middle school and high school and why we encourage anyone with a musical or other art talent to investigate and audition for a group. Not everyone makes the particular group they try for but if they want to work and improve their talent and skill set, we will work with them. God has placed these people in our path and it is a great privilege to help refine a skill for the purpose of bringing glory to God.

Here are some of the process we carry out to help people find their place.

  • Open auditions to the general church population.
  • Be honest in the auditions.
  • Have opportunities for ministry in a safe environment
  • Observe and give suggestions after ministry opportunities
  • Give opportunity where skills can be worked on
  • Require a accountability commitment.

I can look at the church across the street, across town or across the country and say: 'if we only had that type of musicians.' But how can I make that statement unless I have searched for what God has already placed before me and made an investment in people for His glory.


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