Worship Confession: We didn't need the up-tempo song

Just because I thought we needed an up-tempo song, doesn't mean we really did. Sitting at your desk the outline can look great:

  • good songs,
  • good presentation of the gospel...
  • RED FLAG: all the songs seem to be the same tempos...
  • probably should add one that is a little more upbeat....
  • So I did...
  • but we didn't.
  • If we had it would have been a disaster.

During the rehearsal everything seem to work well, even the up-tempo song, however, as we engaged in worship I knew it wasn't going to work. I am grateful that I have a band that is flexible, even in the moment.

Not every service has to have a wide range of tempos. The most important thing is that the Gospel is presented...the story of God.

Here is our setlists. During our services we took out the song I Have A Hope.

Songs: How Great is Our God Our God Be Unto Your Name I Come To Worship


Baptism: in both our services today we got to witness fathers baptizing their sons.

Songs: I Have A Hope Show Us Christ (if you don't know this song you should. I posted a video of the song in my Preparing for Worship post this week.)


This post is my participation in the blog carnival Sunday Setlists found at The Worship Community.


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