Preparing for Worship: Show Us Christ

The Bible, 66 books but 1 story...the gospel. Worship services a combination of many elements but 1 story...the gospel.

When we participate in our worship services this weekend are we thinking?

  • why did they make the stage look that way
  • I wonder what the choir is going to sing
  • I don't agree with the pastor's view of that scripture
  • that's not my favorite song
  • I wish we didn't have to stand so long

or are we praying?

  • God show me who You are
  • make Your Word come alive to me
  • show me Christ
  • let my worship be a reflection of how much I love You, God.

The pastor, worship leader and worship teams should not be the only ones who have prepared for worship.

Below is a new song that has helped me prepare for worship. It is a song we will introduce in our services this weekend.

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