Groupme, a communication tool

There are those occasions when you need to get a text to a group of people and although some phones and operating systems allow this action, not everyone knows how to do this. There are those occasions I need to send a text to a group of people and with a simple app I am able to do so.


Groupme is a free app where you set up groups and each group is assigned a phone number. Once the group is set any text sent using this phone number goes to the whole group. It has become a great tool for collarobation and communication.

(People do not have to have a app enabled phone to participate in Groupme, they can do so directly through txt once the group is set.)

Here are three examples how I use Groupme.

Sunday Morning Team. My team leads and negotiate logistics in multiple venues each Sunday morning. One of these venues is a 'video' venue. Some of the team has access to 'clear-com' communication, however others of us don't. We use Groupme to communicate real time critque of stageing, sound, lighting that can be adjusted immediately or use it to make notes for future services.

Sunday Night Small Group. My wife's and my small group meets on Sunday evenings, and the location changes from time to time. We use Groupme to keep everyone informed about location or other changes. Just recently one of our group members entered the hospital unexpectedly for emergency surgery, Groupme was the right tool to keep everyone informed of the events.

Neighborhood Mens Prayer Group. A group of men in my neighborhood have decided to meet every other week to pray for each other, our families and our neighborhood. We use Groupme to keep everyone informed of the time of the meeting, prayer requests and how God has answered prayer.

Groupme is working for me, my team and my friends.

Do you have another solution for allowing group conversations through text that you would recommend?


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