My Prayer: Help Me To Stay Out of the Way

It was one of those mornings when things didn't go well in rehearsal. I was concerned that what we were trying to do on stage was going to get in the way of worship instead of encouraging that dialog. I even went to the final worship choir rehearsal and shared my concerns. Once the worship set was over in the first service I felt the same way...but that wasn't what I was hearing from the choir, the congregation or the tech people. (And folks, the tech people are our harshest critics.) Their comments were: "good stuff this morning", "wow great time of connecting with God in worship."

When I was walking to the stage for the first service I was praying: "God, it isn't going like I planned and what we rehearsed doesn't seem to be connecting, please let Your glory be seen in-spite of this, come and take control of this service."

He did.

God's ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts greater than our thoughts...even in planning worship.

Here is the Sunday Setlist.

Just As I Am (I know what you are thinking, that is not a typical first song, but it is a great way to start a service in perspective of who we are and what God has done for us. It also is a reminder that we need to confess our sins before we can truly worship. We added this song at the last minute and it was a good add.)

Prayer of Confession

Awesome Is the Lord Most High. (This song says some great things, however it goes by way to fast and to make it longer you have to repeat the same phrases.)


Song Introduction: This was a set up to the next song and also an introduction to another prayer time focusing on the needs of the congregation. You can find a copy of the spoken introduction here.

God You Are God: There is some good music coming out of Community Bible Church in San Antonio Texas and this is one of them. The worship pastor at CBC is Ray Jones.

Prayer for the Needs of the Congregation

Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone: Adding the new chorus brings new life to a great hymn.

Baptism: the band continued to play, underscoring the baptism. As soon as the baptism was complete we jumped right back into the chorus of Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone.

Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone

Scripture: Matthew 5:3-16

Thirst by Tony Guerrero: this is a simple yet powerful song that reflects many scriptures speaking of our desire to have Christ in our lives



This post is my contribution to the blog carnival Sunday Setlists found at The Worship Community.

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